Sunday, May 20, 2007


Jesus and Moses action figures. My mom went to some event at the Rose Bowl, I think they called it the Rossary Bowl and I guess there was merchandising there. Jesus and Moses Have kungfu grips and there's a button on their back that when pressed spouts out phrases. Jesus' voice is kind of whinny, Moses sounds very fire and brimstone and he says the 10 commandments like "Thou shalt not take the name of god in vain." Aren't Jesus and Moses action figures bordering on breaking commandment #2, and also were there Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene action figures?

Awesome, found the website: Blessed Toys

Peter kind of has a crazy look on his face. Haha I'm glad I didn't have these to play with. They would have been naked in no time, my sister would have cut their hair and painted their feet black and their voice recordings would have been reduces to snap crackle pop after swimming in the Sea of the Kitchen Sink.

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