Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I heard about the shorter index fingers in relation to ring fingers indicate a more physically agressive man. Now its apparently also indicative of SAT scores:


Mines are practically even. This is an old pic from when I sprained the bird finger.

In the article, they mention the researchers using calipers to measure people's fingers. It reminds me of old photos we looked at in History of Science classes where people who were advocates of Eugenics and Phrenology would measure random people to come to the conclusion that yes! by god! some people are idiots or born criminals because they have this certain bump on their head.

Off topic thing about hands. Nails in particular. My fingernails have ridges on them, which weren't there before. I think the ridge is from being in two different places the last couple of months, different water, diet, climate. There's probably a similar mark in a strand of my hair too.

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