Thursday, May 17, 2007

I Smell Everything

I like to smell things. Food, unmarked bottles, newly bought clothes, fresh flowers. I have a bunch of cologne decants from when I got really into sampling colognes. I even take a big whiffs when I'm filling my gas tank and when I'm going through the paint aisles at the hardware store. Yeah I admit it I like that gas smell although it gives me a headache. I think when it comes to people, especially girls, I remember their laundry detergents. Forget Chanel or Creed, its Tide or Cheer that I remember. Actually I remember my music teacher wore somekind of vanilla fragrance and I guess a popular one because once in a while I'd smell it when I'm out for Sunday brunch and I'd instantly think teachers and saxophones. But its usually soap. I still remember what my nanny used. If I find that detergent bar in a filipino market I'll probably recall memories of hot tropical afternoons in my parents old house. So this version of tide is the stuff I've found around the house lately and I guess its pretty strong because I can smell laundry all day.

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