Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ray's Bachelor Party

Had a lot of fun this weekend. I took Friday off and our entire group minus Bob drove up from LA to Coloma in the Gold Hills about an hour east of Sacramento. We went wine tasting when we got there. The area looks like a booming wine region, lot of new vineyards popping up. The Two places we went to were Gold Hills Winery and Venezio. We tasted a few varieties, Port, some Champange, Merlots, Barberas and a Sangiovese. I bought a bottle of Merlot and filled up my wineskin, we drank it all weekend.
After wine tasting we checked into our campground. This place had the most amenities I've ever seen. There were hot showers and since the water was electrically heated they never ran out of water. They also had a full kitchen with propane tanks. When we got there the tents were even set up already with mats in them. Right when we got there though a bunch of lawyers came and we had to move to another campsite, but the second one was just as loaded with amenities and had more privacy. Adam who brought all the food cooked up some awesome steaks which we ate with baked potatos. Man we would have starved without Adam there. Afterwards we built a huge fire then went to sleep.
The next day we got up early, froze our asses off and quickly ate breakfast. We had eggs, bacon and tortillas. Afterw aiting for the lawyers to get their crap together our group hopped on buses and drove about an hour to our embarkation point. We all put on vests and helmets and started rafting the Middle Fork of the American River. We were suppose to paddle the South Fork but they didn't open up the dams so we were bumped to the Middle Fork, which was actually for the better it had better class 4 rapids. We ended up rafting about 17 miles with an average grade of 23 degrees per mile. I'm glad we had a good guide, he made the trip seem easy, we would so have been killed if we tried to raft that river ourselves.
We got back to camp and ate hamburgers. I was so hungry I ate about 3 costco cheeseburgers. We also gathered a whole bunch of wood and made a huge fire. After everything was done Adam pulled out some cigars and we smoked them up with some port and wine.
Sunday we got up and drove back home. Here's some pictures, Bob had an awesome waterproof camera so eh goot some cool rafting pics.

Rafting Pics

>On 2005-09-30,21:10:00 lysette wrote:

>>that's so cool. which one are you in the picture above? 17 miles! that's crazy. is it hard?

>On 2005-10-03,12:44:23 Blaise wrote:

>>I'm the one in red. It was okay we had a guide who made it seem easy.

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