Thursday, September 15, 2005

palm civet and kopi luwak

I was watching the History Channel about coffee. There is this type of coffee called kopi luwak which comes from Indonesia and it goes for as much as 300 dollars per pound. Yet it isn't its ridiculous price which is most intriguing, its the processing method. The coffee beans are dug out of the droppings of this fairly ugly cat like create, the palm civet, or luwak. Thats right, this animal eats the coffee cherries and poops out the slightly fermented seeds for people to harvest and sell in Japan and the United States for 300 dollars a pound. Supposedly the discovery has its roots from coffee's labor intensive process. Why harvest coffee beans from the tree only to pick out the good cherries and go through the process of shelling them when you can just hunt around for droppings that this animal leaves. Not only did the palm civet flesh out the coffee cherries, leaving only the seed, it is also known as a picky eater so the seeds are only whats left of the best of the best fruits that it eats. But I guess it turns out you gotta pay a guy quite a bit to sort cat shit.
Kopi Luwak
Palm Civet

>On 2005-09-15,16:00:51 Blaise wrote:

>>Now that I think about it, with what starbucks charges they probably do make about 300 bucks per pound of coffee grinds.

>On 2005-09-16,11:40:09 Blaise wrote:

>>We have truely gone insane. This "animalcoffee" retailer sells a half kg of kapi luwak with some dried cat shit for $450 bucks.
Geniuses. I'd like to be bank loan officer for that pitch. "Ok here's our business model. We find some cat shit in the Sumatran jungle, put some folgers in a box and sell it for half a grand. Where do we sign?"

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