Monday, June 6, 2005

Surf Log

I'm going to start charting my progress with surfing. On Saturday Scott and I went to Santa Monica. Before we got in the water I got a leash from ZJ Boarding House, its a 9 foot. September kept her leash so I had to go get one. Some guy named James sold it to me, I forgot to mention his name at checkout though, which was probably a bad thing since they probaly work on comission over there. The was also a hot blonde chick who was buying rack pads infront of me. Acutally I couldn't tell if she was hot cause she didn't turn around, she could have been like 41 and not hot. Eveyone in Santa Monica is fit, so everyone looks hot from the back. Judging from the look on the guy who opened up a register for her, she must have had something going.
Anyway the conditions were choppy but the waves weren't big so it was doable. It was also a little overcast. I think because of the chop it was a little hard keeping straight because once you got going on a wave, it would be bumpy and a lot of times I ended up coming in sideways. I did catch the first wave and got going pretty good. Got a couple more later that day, I'd have to say that Saturday was the day it clicked for me.
The new board did well. It could a little bit more wax so it would be easier to stary on and grap hold of to snap up. I'll have to see how I can wax a softboard.
I also discovered a nick on my suit, put three layers of neoprene cement on it, hopefully it will hold. Maybe I should get this bottle of cement off my desk or people might think I'm some kind of glue sniffing degenerate.

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