Monday, June 20, 2005

Cocaine is a hell of a drug

So today I was driving to work as usual at the crack of dawn, but unlike all the other days we drove by a DEA bust. How exciting. As we were getting on the Myrtle onramp, we pass this house which was surrounded by unmarked black GMC Envoys. All the SUV look like they drove in at high speed and all the occupants ran out after leaving their vehicles parked on the flower bed and the Villagrosa lawn ads. Well around the other side of the house we saw the occupants, a bunch of huge guys in Kevlar helmets and vests with their guns drawn. Must have been 20 guys with DEA written across their backs. Drug bust at the crack of dawn! Actually its probably a weed house. This dealer had a great location, its basically right on the freeway onramp, and its walking distance to three schools. They had a ton of agents though, this guy must have had a whole lot of weed.

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