Monday, January 1, 2007

Buy my Stuff

I need to clear out a lot of this stuff before I report to OCS, so email me at if you want anything on this list:

bike (honda)
protein powder - 10 pound sack
TV tuner w/software
mp3 player - 1GB, good size for running
PC laptop
ibook laptop
Mac OS X Tiger - unopened
used snowboard boots
snowboard plate bindings (for hard boots)
bike (manpowered) - free its a rust bucket
ipod picture uploader
PCMCIA wireless card
satellite LNB
.33 megapixel camera
speech textbook
book - one bullet away - nathaniel fick
OCS, ASTB books - I think I penciled in all the practice tests already though
WRX trunk cover and spare tire tray
knee pads

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