Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Lucky the Cat

This must be a lucky cat since I caught and rode my first shortboard wave today. My surfing days are numbered. Man, what timing I have. Right when things are working out and I can't help but reach for what lies ahead... I have to let go. I wish nothing ever got abandoned. You hear that CAT, are you in the business of wishes too? This was my choosing though. Well I've still got a handful of days to make the most of. Hopefully Lucky Cat will be back so I can worship him and capture some of his cat balance. Maybe I should offer a gift, what do cats like, chicken hearts, livers? I'll be back. Back on this path, if I have a week, or if its for good because of what lies ahead. Whatever it is, the ride of your life, the greatest bone crushing, and everything in between is better to have happened than to not.

>On 2006-12-21,04:37:53 grandmasophia wrote:


>On 2006-12-22,10:29:35 daniel wrote:

>>sounds like you are getting nervous about OCS.... just dont go.

>On 2006-12-22,19:29:48 Blaise wrote:

>>Open for interpretation. Going is the easy part, commiting the mind was the hard part.

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