Sunday, September 3, 2006

Waking up at 5

Waking up at 5 everyday still sucks. This is new alarm clock number four, did the other three break? No I just set them all to go off at once. Thankfully I live alone because I'm the snoozemaster.

>On 2006-10-10,13:09:15 Steffie wrote:

>>I used to be a snoozemaster too!! I learned that you have to have the volume really low so that your body can gradually wake up to it because when you're sleeping and there's this loud noise, your body just wants to stop the loud noise, hence the snoozing. I now use the alarm on my cell then put it to the lowest volume. I hear it in the morning and don't DREAD turning it off because it's not blasting. Then I just sit up and a minute later...I'm up! Voila!

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