Monday, September 18, 2006

Blow harder

I enrolled in a couple of classes at PCC this fall. Speech and Astronomy. So in speech there was a breathing exercise which was us inflating water balloons and blowing bubbles. I didn't think I'd ever do that in a college level course. Its not a bad class. Astronomy is cool too, I'd like to look at other things besides the moon, although the moon is still my favorite object in the sky, so I enrolled in it. Last Friday I went to a talk because it was extra credit, it was delivered by the guy from Cal Tech who discovered the former 10th planet Xena which has now been recategorized along with Pluto. Anyway learned about some nerd stuff there. The only bad thing is that Astronomy is on every other Saturday nights.

This Saturday though was an off Saturday which was good since I was a little tired from playing ultimate frisbee in Santa Barbara. Instead I went to DnB with my sister. It got weird, maybe thats why I don't go out so much. I did win the horse race though thanks to my extra ball that my sister's friend yanked for me.

Sunday sucked, I came to work but was totally unmotivated so I only got a little done.

>On 2006-09-20,03:43:00 lysette wrote:

>>which sister? i've never taken an astronomy class before, but it seems interesting so i think i'll enroll in a class

>On 2006-09-20,10:20:16 Blaise wrote:


>On 2006-10-10,13:00:48 Steffie wrote:

>>You are such a nerd. Haha

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