Friday, June 16, 2006

Awesome day, part 2

After flying I went surfing with Scott at Sunset Beach. At first the waves didn't look too good, but once we got in we caught some good ones. In fact I think I had my best ride thus far, also caught a couple almost as good ones but I lost it and fell off a few times. And to top it all off I got free refill on my orange juice, thanks blonde waitress at the Islands on Pico, maybe you were suprised someone orders OJ on a Friday afternoon.

>On 2006-06-18,01:41:12 lysette wrote:

>>excellent! a picture of you surfing this time. who took it? and by the way, Friday afternoons are usually Happy Hour, right?

>On 2006-06-18,23:43:36 Blaise wrote:

>>My left hand.

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