Friday, June 16, 2006

Awesome day, part 1

This morning I flew in this helicopter. Its just about big enough for a couple of skinny people. Its operated by Orbic Helicopters in Van Nuys who I took a demo flight with. Learned a lot. We were in the air about 30 minutes, and of course it flew by really fast. We went up then headed south towards the westside then turned around and headed back to the airport. My instructor Julie let me handle two of the controls, the cyclic (pitch and roll) and the collective (angle of the rotor blades), definately takes some getting used to. I think when I first took hold of the cyclic we started diving, great way to end up in the middle of someone's living room after going through their new skylight. Overall it was a lot of fun and the amount of control required is unlike anything.

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