Monday, June 7, 2004


So I was riding home the other day and I rode by this Hospanic guy in a van. The guy rolls down his window and goes, "Comosta Limon!" Well at least that was a lot more comical (but a little too homoerotic) than the guy in fron of Tommy's who addressed me as "Hay Chino!" before trying to sell me bootleg DVDs. How rude, I was enjoying my tamale.

>On 2004-06-17,22:34:25 stinkydurian wrote:

>>i always call myself chino at work now...

>On 2004-06-17,22:50:32 Blaise wrote:

>>Sup Chino. An actual comment, I though something was broken. Chino Chua and Limon Lee. Sounds like good names for the Asian niche in the gay Brazillian porno industry .

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