Monday, February 21, 2011

if you need some tires

Get these, which are are the highest rated all season tires for snow and ice according to a few websites. Check or google the tire name "Continental Exteme Contact DWS". DWS stands for Dry, wet, snow. I just tested them in mammoth and I agree. If you buy this month you also get a free Flip hd camera. I got my set from Tire Central in San Gabriel, give them a call at 626-698-1182 the day before to schedule an appointment and to make sure they will have the tire delivered from their suppliers. They will quote you a per tire price which includes the mounting and balancing. They accept credit cards too. Be sure to specify that you want the DWS tires since continental also makes DW tires, which for some reason are more expensive.

I also drove them around in some heavy rain in LA and it was like there was no water on the road. On both rain and snow, you really have to try to loose some traction.

I've used the stock RE-92s and a set of Falken Ziex with some major wear on them in the same type of snow conditions and both lost tractions quite easily. These on the other hand were able to move right up some snowy hills.

As for ride comfort they are quieter and less bumpy than the other tires I've used. They are suppose to have softer sidewalls but They felt very good in the same kind of driving conditions. Better than the RE-92s or Falkens.

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