Thursday, December 25, 2003


Nuts from Dr. Russell, like the cashews from last year I'm eastimating these will be eaten by New Years, myabe sooner.

We spent Christmas at my cousins house in Walnut. Lots of relatives, even some I didn't know and some babies I saw for the first time.

On Friday I was back at work, or at least I was suppose to be, but I forgot my building key so I spend the entire day moving all my stuff back home to Arcadia. Also got a haircut and visited the Home Depot to buy nails for a drawer I'm fixing and sealant for the butt of my snowboard pants which I totally wore the waterproofing out off.

I spent the entire weekend moving back into my old room in my parents house, its actually very fun since I get to make the room over. The last time I lived in the room was when I was 17 and had collected years of childhood stuff by the time I left. Now college is over and its the same room but different contents.

On Sunday Scott, Kevin and I were suppose to go to Big Bear again but we postponed and ended up playing Texas Hold 'em with everybody at Daniel's house, we stayed up way too late. Heh, well next time we gotta play for something so we won't call every bluff.

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